Constructed languages


Sinampaiton is an "artlang" -- a language created as a "work of art" -- that I started working on a couple of decades ago.

Notable features

These are a few of the more noteworthy characteristics of Sinampaiton:


Each example includes an interlinear morphological analysis (lines 2-3) that may be of interest to linguistically-oriented readers. Others may prefer to ignore them.

Uvanokatsa ni suikenge?
uva -no -katsa  ni  sui -ke -nge
take -pa.def -who.erg art.inan.obl book -pl -1sg.poss
Who took my books?
Arallankangala ni lorera dzobo mburun.
ara -lla -nka -ngala  ni lor -era  dz -obo  mburun
sit -habit -pa.indef -1pl.abs art.inan.obl lake -by comp -along talk
We used to sit by the lake and talk.

For more information...

More information on Sinampaiton may be found here.

Nonce languages

Information on a few nonce languages is available. These are mere fragments of languages, put together quickly (for the most part) in order to explore some particularly interesting aspect of language.



Kwet is a rules-based random word generator suitable for any number of languages. It's being developed as an open-source project -- see its project page on SourceForge for more information.

You can also try out kwet.

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