The sounds of Sinampaiton


February 25, 2001

Click on a link to hear what it sounds like. These are MP3-encoded AIFF recordings made using a low-quality microphone, so don't expect too much.

Sinampaiton English translation
akaame wizard, witch, sorceror
chante box
denle morning
dzauthe molar
eelun fish-hook
Emonkala ni maro gaagen We found what seemed to be a guide rope
enkon southwest
geeme smells (pl.)
iishe hunter
irindze ells (pl.; a unit of measurement)
jande people (pl.)
keme first
kheme eel
koshe cheso unclear
laadze (trail) marker or sign
ladzan honey
llakhan shine, gleam (v.i.)
llakukhan water snake
Luinangala bo Let's walk
Luinanie ni oruanobo She or he walks through the woods.
mbekhe (spider's) web, cobweb
mbonde sea, ocean
Menovongala dziun omotekobo We slept for three hours.
mpokhe ready
ndephe steam
ndobaikon grammar (book)
ndzodze frogs (pl.)
ngitan stretch, pull
niiche tobacco
njove whip, scourge
nkuitse dog
nlaike bad
nlibe eye
nlothe voice
ntete joke, prank
opaitse mouth
papan touch
phiphen broth, (thin) soup
rookan fall and break, collapse
shuure mild, gentle, tame
ta Sinampaiton Sinampaiton (the language)
tetan flow, run, rush
tselle fallow land
tsikuin rage, fury
tsodze rolled-up thin breads, tortillas (pl.)
vonoope angry, agitated, excited; turbulent
vuuse blood

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