This introductory tutorial of Sinampaiton is written primarily for people who have some familiarity with a second language and can cope with terms such as transitive and quantifier. Even if you don't meet these criteria, you'll probably do fine as long as you carefully read the examples in each chapter. More advanced concepts such as ergativity and verb satellites are also discussed, but they're explained in some detail (to the best of my ability). You certainly shouldn't have to know much about linguistics to understand the tutorial, although such knowledge will probably make the tutorial go more quickly.

It's generally best if you read the tutorial in order, since each chapter provides information that is necessary to understand later chapters. If you want to skip around, at least read the Nutshell section in each chapter.

For your convenience, each chapter of the tutorial will eventually contain links to a short glossary of linguistic terms and an abridged vocabulary of Sinampaiton.

Background Information

Sinampaiton is an imaginary language spoken by imaginary masses. At this writing, its speakers aren't located in time or space, although the origins of the language are closely tied with the development, many years ago, of a fantasy world à la Middle-Earth (though in no way rivalling the majesty of J.R.R. Tolkien's creation).

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The tutorial begins with an introduction to the Orthography and Phonology (spelling and pronunciation) of Sinampaiton.

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